Environmental Consultancy & Documentation

We assist in obtaining Statutory Clearance from the State Pollution Control Boards(s) by following all legal formalities.

We assist our client in obtaining :

1. Consent to Establish (CTE / NOC) & Consent to Operate (CTO / CC&A) for Industries.
2. Consent to Establish (CTE / NOC) & Consent to Operate (CTO / CC&A) for Product Mix.
3. Preparation and submission of various periodic and annual reports / forms for compliances under various Environmental legislations.

We have served more than 100 units, including Textile, Sugar, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical, Bulk Drugs etc for obtaining CTE / CTO including Product Mix.


Any person who intends to setup a unit / Operate / Process has to obtain Consent to Establish (CTE) which in common parlance is known as No Objection Certificate (NOC) from State Pollution Control Board.

Before Starting the Production activity, it is mandatory Industry requires to obtain Consent to Operate (CTO)from concerned State Pollution Control Board under Water Act, 1974, and /or Air Act, 1981 and/or Hazardous waste (Management, Handling & Transboundry Movement) Rules, 2008 framed under Environment Protection Act, 1986.

The process for obtaining Consent to Establish & Consent to Operate involves making an application in a prescribed format to respective State Pollution Control Boards along with required documents and scrutiny fees.


Any unit or industry which falls under EIA Notification dated 14th September, 2006- Clarification regarding EIA clearance for change in Product-Mix, for such industries changes in the quantities or numbers of product may be allowed without prior Environment Clearance by the concerned State Pollution Control Board provided such changes in the quantities of the products are in same category and are within the previously granted overall total limits.

We assist in preparing the product mix application with detail study of existing and proposed product scenario in line with client.


1. Environmental Statement: As per the provision of the rule prescribed under Environmental Protection Act, 1986, it is mandatory for all industries to submit an Environmental Statement for financial year in the prescribed form by 30th of September every year.
2. Water Cess: As per Water Cess Act, 1977, the detail on quantities of water consumption needs to be submitted to the Board on monthly basis or annually.
3. Form-4: As per Hazardous waste (Management, Handling & Transboundry Movement) Rules, 2008 The annual returns for disposal of various categories of hazardous waste to be submitted by occupier / operator of disposal facility to State Pollution Control Boards / Pollution Control Committee by 30th June of every year for the preceding period April to March.